Skin Tumor Treatment

What is Skin Tumor Treatment?

Skin tumor are abnormal growths of tissue that can be malignant (cancerous) or benign (harmless). Some common benign tumors include warts (skin tumor resulting from a virus), seborrheic keratoses (growth on the skin ranging from light skin color to dark brown) and nevi (skin growths such as moles or birthmark). There are important to treat the skin tumor before it spread to others part of the body. The main treatment for skin tumor is surgery. Radiotherapy can also be used to treat and cure skin tumors. There are several treatment for skin tumor:

    • Surgery

Usually basal cell and squamous cell skin tumor can be successfully treated with surgery. The affected area is completely removed, usually under local anaesthetic. There are several different types of surgical techniques that can be used. The types of techniques is depend the type, size, location and stage of tumor.

Small tumors are often operated on under local anaesthetic while large tumors are often operated on general anaesthetic. If the tumor covers large areas then the skin graft are needed or skin flap are needed to have the skin replaced. A flap is a thicker piece of skin tissue taken from an area of skin nearby. But it will still be connected to its own blood supply. It is then stitched in place over wound.

    • Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy can be used to treat basal cell or squamous cell skin tumor. In some situations radiotherapy may be used as well as surgery. If there is a risk that tumor cells may have been left behind, radiotherapy may be used after surgery. This is called adjuvant treatment. It reduces the risk of the tumor coming back in the future.

Other than that, radiotherapy can also be used to treat tumor that has spread to lymph nodes. In advanced tumor which has spread to another part of the body, radiotherapy can be used to relieve symptom. It is also used to treat tumor that have come back after they were first treated with surgery.

    • Chemotherapy

Usually chemotherapy is by creams to treat actinic keratosis and for skin tumor that are only on the top layer of the skin while chemotherapy tablets or injections are only used in certain circumstances. Solar or actinic keratosis may develop into squamous cell skin tumor, through this is uncommon. A chemotherapy cream containing fluorouracil (5FU) is commonly used. Other than that, chemotherapy tablets or injections are only used for skin tumors that have spread. This treatment is mostly used to relieve symptoms in tumor that cannot be cured.

    • Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

This is a relatively new type of treatment. It is another alternative to surgery. PDT uses a drug that makes skin cells sensitive to light. The area of skin that needs treating is exposed to a special type of light, and the tumor cells are destroyed. PDT is used to treat basal cell skin tumor, bowen’s disease and actinic keratosis.



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